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The Reebok Workout silhouette is a Reebok Classic sneaker introduced as a cross-trainer shoe several years after the Reebok Classic Leather collection. It is available in different colorways and designs. Reebok Workout sneakers feature an upper constructed with soft, full-grain leather with an H-strap at the midfoot for additional stability and a perforated toebox for added breathability. The H-strap is a piece of leather where the laces are anchored for a secure fit. Some Reebok Workout shoes like the Workout Ripple 3:AM NOLA and Workout Plus Altered White Navy have a plastic H-strap. The silhouette also features a low-cut design with generous padding along the ankle area and midsoles made of EVA, a closed cell foam that provides cushioning. Complementing the design is a high-abrasion gum rubber outsole that extends higher around the forefoot and recedes along the arch for additional protection and greater flexibility. The outsole tread features dots in a button-like pattern on the midfoot and heel for traction. Other outsole details include a grooved forefoot design and a chevron design on the midfoot. Brading details include the Reebok British flag logo on most shoes in this selection. The logo is also present on the outsole and the lateral outsole heel. Reebok Workout is also available in the Ripple design, which features a recreated outsole with shark-teeth ridges. Collaborative editions are part of this selection. Reebok has teamed up with London-based fashion brand Palace Skateboards for the JK Workout Mid, which comes in a completely different design and various colorways, including Palace Black and airy white with grey accents. The footwear and clothing brand has also partnered with Artists For Humanity (AFH) for the limited edition Workout Plus Artists for Humanity sneaker.

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