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Squishmallow Pokemon 20" Snorlax Plush

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With over 1,000 Squishmallows created to date, the cute plush toys have become synonymous with younger Gen-Z consumers. Like Beanie Babies of the past, the Squishmallows frenzy is all about showcasing and expanding your collection, exacerbated thanks to platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. Even if you’re not into plush toys, it’s hard to deny that Squishmallows are adorable and fun toys. For parents, they’re a great entry-level collectible for your child, especially when considering the price. While there are some rare Squishmallows that trade for above $200, you can find some great plushies from anywhere between $20-$50. The combination of cuteness and affordability makes the plushies a great collectible for kids.
The Squishmallows site recently added a rarity scale, giving transparent insight into how the company scales how rare the plushies are. New, limited edition plushies will feature a special tag indicating the rarity of the Squishmallows. The tags follow this scale: rare, ultra rare, special edition, select series, check-in series, and founder’s edition.
Rare Squishmallows feature a silver tag and indicate only 75,000 units were made. Ultra-rare plushies feature a gold tag and indicate only 50,000 units were made. The holographic tag for special edition plushies indicates only 20,000 exist in the wild, and the black select series tag means only 10,000 are made. The purple check-in series means these selection Squishmallows can only be found at select, undisclosed locations.
The rarest plushies are the Founder’s Edition — plushies that are not available in the wild at retailers. Instead, Founder’s Edition plushies are redeemable through Squishmallow trading cards, which have a small probability to include the card you need to redeem the rarest Squishmallows in the world.
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