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Hebru Brantley continues breaking cultural barriers by blending different art forms in his work. Buy and Sell Hebru Brantley Art Prints now on StockX.


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Hebru Brantley Calling All Cars Print (Signed, Edition of 275)

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Born and raised in Chicago, artist Hebru Brantley’s work is about empowerment and Black joy, blending graffiti, comic book art, and bright colors to convey his unique style of afro-futurism. Combining these elements will a hit of Japanese animated influences has allowed Brantley’s Art Prints to thrive through a plethora of mediums. The characters Hebru Brantley’s Art Prints are youthful and bubbly, but also tackle themes fighting against violence in the Black community, systemic racism, and more. Brantley has utilized a variety of tools for his art, including spray paint, acrylics, watercolor, and even some unconventional methods like tea and coffee.