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Acne Studios is a Stockholm, Sweden based contemporary fashion house that offers luxury products for everyone. Buy and Sell Acne Studios clothing now on StockX.





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Acne Studios North Skinny Fit Denim Jeans Stay Black

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Founded in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden, Acne Studios derives from a creative collective called ACNE, which is an acronym for "Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises" that was later changed to "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions". The collective originally offered services in creative direction, graphic design, and advertising, but in 1997, co-founder and current Creative Director Jonny Johannson took the collective into the fashion space by creating 100 pairs of raw denim jeans which he gifted to friends and family. The jeans grew in popularity and soon caught the attention of fashion mainstays like Vogue and Wallpaper magazines, proving that the brand had something unique to offer. Since then, Acne Studios has been a stand-alone luxury fashion brand that offers seasonal collections for men and women. Their inspiration comes from graphic design, architecture, fine art, and photography. Acne is known for its understated office wear essentials, but also their abstract silhouettes. Shop Acne Studios clothing now on StockX.